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30 Westies For Halloween - Scary and Funny Westies

1. Arrrggg - Westie Pirates me Harties!!

Arrrggg Westie Piractes

2.You cannot have a Halloween list without a Westie Witch

Westie Witch

3.This Westie has two pumpkin Friends

Westie with Pumpkin

4. This Westie is Proud of their Hat

5. The Best Westie Pumpkin EVER!!

Westie Pumpkin

6. These Two Friends look very cool in their Superhero outfits

7. I wonder if this Westie Carved their own Pumpkins? They look very happy with them.

8. Minions aren't that scary - but they are very funny!!

9. Westie scraped in a pumpkin

10. I think this one is dressed as a Pumpkin?

11. Another Great Westie Pumpkin

12. Woaaahhhh this one is Scary!!

13. Beg for you Treats

14. "This is a bit Scary Mum"


15. An Angel, to balance the Horror!

16. Its the Devil

17. Black cats are mean to be bad luck - I'd be lucky to have this beauty!!

18. Arrgg a GHOST!

19. The Devil's Twin

20. Look at this Scary Lot!

21. Count Dogula!

22. This Westie wants count dogula to bite them


24. Pope John Paw has joined us to help remove the Evil

25. The witches are still here

26. Which witch is the scariest

27. Here's a blast from Halloween past

28. The Devil's Son

29. The last of the Witches

30. Pope John Paw The Second



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