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10 Signs You're a Westie Mum

Feb 19, 2016 10 comments

Before taking the plunge and becoming a parent, its recommended caring for a plant, a fish and working your way up to a dog. Well, I’m not one for sitting in the garden knee deep in mud, and fishes are just boring, so I went straight for dog mum status. I did however quickly realise that owning a dog, is very much like being the parent of a baby.

And since these Westies are the only kids I planned on having, it wasn’t long until I found myself becoming obsessed with head over heels in love with my furry companions. I would eat, sleep and dance with my dogs. I’m pretty sure I have now been labeled the crazy dog lady, but  since I started posting online about it, I have realised I'm not the only one.

So here are some ways that you can tell if you’re a fellow Westie Mum:

1. Your Facebook account has been taken over by pictures and posts of your fur babies.

Westie Mum

2. Your Westie has a bigger wardrobe than you.

3. Dog hair has become your number one accessory.

4. You spend more on your Westie's hair cut than you do your own.

5. You have to fight for the best spot on the settee.

6. There's baby gates in your house, even though you have no baby.

7. All potential love interests and friends must be pre approved by your Westie.

8. Watching TV is only advised if there are no other animals on show.

9. You plan doggy birthday parties for your Westie, and bake them lovely cakes!

10. You have lots of stuff with Westies on them, because you are a proud Westie Mum.

World's Best Westie Mum - Westie Tee



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  • Yes I sure am a Westie mum.I have 2 and love them to bits.

    Tracy cuskern Thompson on

  • I’m a very proud Westie mom. I can’t imagine my life without them.

    Betty Baker on

  • I’m a Westie Mum to two. They’re almost 2 years old, brother and sister. I’ve owned Westies for 30 years, although before now only ever one Westie. I’m so glad I’ve now got two as they absolutely adore each other and they’re my little family ????

    Julie Brooks on

  • I have 2 westies ??
    I have had 5 westies in all from meeting my husband 26 years ago ❤️ We brought 2 from stafford to Austraila with us and yes dog birthday party’s on the beach now ?? I am a proud mad dog lover xx

    KERRY on

  • I’m definitely a westie mum and have been for 8 years now to my two little girls Meg and Molly. There are my best mates and I love them to bits xxx

    Carol Warren on

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