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Rodney The Bionic Westie

Mar 08, 2016 3 comments
Rodney The Bionic Westie

Born without back paws, this Westie walks for the first time after being given £10,000 bionic legs.

A lovable puppy born without his back paws can finally go walkies - after being given £10,000 hi-tech bionic legs.

West Highland Terrier Rodney has had to drag himself along for nine months because he was born with stumps instead of back legs.

But Rodney now has his trotters - and thanks to pioneering surgery he can stand up pain free on all four of his paws.

TV's Supervet Noel Fitzpatrick gave the pooch the chance to walk properly after an online fundraising campaign to get him new feet.

After the op Rodney spent a month recovering in the Supervet's practice in Godalming, Surrey, before being brought home to his foster family in Bridgend.

He is getting stronger every day - and getting used to his bionic legs as he stays with foster mum Kelly Warner.

It's hard for him because he's a young dog he wants to go out running and playing but he has to be inside.

He's not allowed to jump on furniture and walk upstairs, if anything goes wrong at this stage it's not going to be repairable.

But Rodney's amazing foster mum, Kelly is doing a fantastic job with his incredibly strict regime of care. At this stage he is wearing his stage two paws and will be fitted for his permanent ones in the very near future, if all goes to plan.

Veterinary nurse Kelly, 33, said: "I can't say how grateful I am for all the support we have received and for the miracle treatment that has given Rodney a whole new lease of life."

"It's an amazing sight and we are so thrilled he is starting to show signs of being a bouncy, lively puppy."
I'm sure you all agree, Rodneys new Trotters are well worth the money.

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  • Such a lovely puppy I hope he gets a good home on the programme thete was a little Yorkie does he/she need a new home .

    Denise Coulson on

  • I stand back in is amazement and take my hat off to to the very kind vet and people the gave the money to give this poor little Westie some kind of life and I am sure he will give so much more love back now that he can show it, it just shows there are some very kind people in this crual world god bless you all who helped this poor little fella

    Shaun on

  • Bless his heart – well done to the vets x x

    Jane on

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