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Here you will find an ever increasing amount of great looking, quality items for your Westies. We have a good stock of Westie collars, leads and Westie harnesses.

Everything on our store is sourced with West Highland Whites in mind, so the sizes are suitable for Westies, however we do advise that you measure your dog before purchasing.

£29.99 GBP £14.99 GBP

Plaid Reversible Dog Coat

£15.99 GBP £12.99 GBP

Fleece Dog Vest

£22.99 GBP £19.99 GBP


£14.99 GBP £8.99 GBP

Soft Mesh Harness

£19.99 GBP £9.99 GBP

Wind and Waterproof Dog Coat

£5.99 GBP £1.99 GBP

High Visibility Flashing Neon Lead

£5.99 GBP £1.99 GBP

Flashing Neon Lead

£12.99 GBP £5.99 GBP

Santa Paws Mock Sweater for Dogs

£18.99 GBP £9.99 GBP

Red Striped Rudolph Dog Sweater

£5.99 GBP £2.99 GBP

Camouflage Light Up Lead

£18.99 GBP £9.99 GBP

Red Striped Santa Dog Sweater

£19.99 GBP £12.99 GBP

Pirate Suit For Dogs

£5.99 GBP £1.99 GBP

Leopard Print Light Up Lead

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