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In this Westies homeware collection you will find various items to make your home more Westified. We have a range of cushions for your westie or for your sofa (which if you are anything like me also belongs to your Westie).

You will also find some smart looking Westie Lampshades, which can be made for table lamps or ceiling lights.

Choose the items you love the most and Westify your living room today.

Chocolate Westie Silicone Mould

Sold Out £9.99 GBP

Coloured Westies Mug - UK ONLY

£5.99 GBP £9.99 GBP

Westie Face Clock

£9.99 GBP £21.99 GBP

Darth Westie Mug - I am your father

£5.99 GBP £9.99 GBP

Number 1 Westie Dad Mug

£5.99 GBP £9.99 GBP

Special Westie Dad Mug

£5.99 GBP £9.99 GBP

The Good, The Bad and The Westie Mug

£5.99 GBP £9.99 GBP

Westie Biker Mug

£5.99 GBP £9.99 GBP

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